Nutritionists define health as the general well-being of an individual. Apart from well-functioning body organs, there are other elements that make up a healthy body. Physical fitness and emotional balance are equally important elements when commenting on a person’s health. Being over-weight is associated with many negative health effects. This includes high presence of “bad cholesterol” in the person’s body. Cholesterol deposits in blood vessels make them narrow, and blood pressure increases. This may lead to heart failure or stroke. It is the role of physical exercise to ensure a person maintains the correct weight. Apart from physical fitness, physical exercise has other many benefits.


The following are the main benefits of exercising:

1. Stress reduction: Working out not only reduces, but also helps manage stress and tension. Research show that exercise increases the concentration of norepinephrine, a chemical that moderates how the brain responds to stress. Physical exercise leaves you relaxed, refreshed, and in a better position to manage stress and tension.

2. Energy boost: Exercising deliver oxygen to body tissues. This ensures the cardiovascular system is efficient. Physical exercise also increases the strength of muscles, hence increases the endurance of the exerciser.

3. Reduction of risk of diseases: Physical exercise is known to increase the level of high-density lipoprotein in the body. This effect comes hand in hand with reduction of triglycerides. The overall effect is that blood flows smoothly through the body, leaving a healthy individual.


4. Boost of brain power: Research show that exercise leads to creation of new brain cells. This has an overall effect of increasing brain activity. There is also proof that working out increases the concentration of BDNF, which increase a person’s ability to make decisions and learn.

5. Improving the mood: After a workout, a chemical known as endorphin is released in the body. The effect of endorphins is to make the exerciser happy and relaxed. A thirty-minute workout leaves the exerciser depression and anxiety free. The effectiveness of physical exercise in reducing depression may equal that an anti-depressant pill.

6. Improving self-esteem: Exercise leaves an individual feeling good about their appearance. The exerciser is left with a positive view of themselves. This positive view increases self-worth and subsequently self-confidence. When you pair exercising with this amazing garcinia cambogia free trial, you will find that you loose weight faster!

7. Eases sleeping: Regular exercising helps the exerciser fall asleep faster or deeper as the exerciser is tired enough to want to rest. Exercise should not be done just before sleeping time as the exerciser may be too energized to sleep.

8. Memory sharpening: Exercise is known to increase production of cells in hippocampus. Hippocampus is responsible for learning and remembering. Physical exercise helps in memory sharpening and brain development in children.

Exercising has many other benefits. This includes addiction control, preventing cognitive decline, controlling anxiety, creating a moment of fun and many more. However, to ensure a person is healthy, factors such as eating habits and nutrient deficiencies should also be considered.